What is ezysmile? 

eezysmile   is a discreet, transparent and removable appliance that effectively and painlessly corrects tooth malpositions. 

eezysmile  is made  with the latest 3D technology at a top workplace in Slovakia using certified, high quality materials for adults and young people. More and more patients and doctors prefer invisible appliances  over  traditional wire and brackets  because

  • nearly invisible

  • no obstacles to brush and flossing 

  • easily controlled and managed tooth movement

  • less invasive treatment


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Why eezysmile

For everyday use 

Discreet, removable and easy to clean,  eezysmile is made for daily use .


The high quality material fits perfectly to your teeth and ensure maximum comfort.   


Produced close to you in the heart of Europe   you can enjoy  the highest  quality  under  affordable conditions. 

eezysmile can help    

eeyzsmile will help to adjust almost all kinds of smiles for adults  and young people depending on the indications. Clear aligner enables smooth and smoothly controlled tooth alignment. Maximum comfortable and almost invisible designed for everyday wear. No barriers in age.   

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