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IV. Seminar Clear Aligner Treatment 2024

Retention, Effective planning, Case studies during CAT by eezysmile

Retention as substantial part of treatment, Effective planning and management of multidisciplinary treatment, Case studies, Trends in CAT 2024, and more...  

Evidence based learning, open discussion, friendly atmosphere.  A lot of personal meetings, new colleagues, expertise.

In the Chateau of Pezinok, eight hundred years of fights, wines, and legends. Come, learn, taste.  

  May  31, 2024 , Zámok Šimák Pezinok    

Seminar is useful for the doctors  with some experience with CAT, as well as with serious interest.

After seminar wine taste and delicious meals in Chateau winery.  Limited seats.



Simple, Effective, Close to You
As a doctor, you have a responsible profession, you fulfill the ideas of your patients about healthy and beautiful teeth. You treat, consult, manage, educate on a daily basis.

We know your worries and challenges, even in these turbulent times. That is why we have built a top workplace for the production of aligners close to you.  As the first Slovak company – from scanning, treatment visualization, 3D model printing and the production of clear aligners to delivery to your practice. Everything situated in one workplace, made by Slovak experts, from the world's top materials and technology. Safe, reliable, close. Under available and affordable conditions for you and your patients

eezysmile is customs made medical device under EC MDR 2017/745.   


We use the latest 3D technologies and top materials resistant to pressure and cracks. eezysmile aligners have a smooth hand-worked trimline that extends zenith of gingival margin.  

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Odoo • Image and Text


eezysmile aligners trimmed with this technique are more retentive, they need a fewer number of attachments, which means better aesthetics and comfort for patients.

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Five steps with eezysmile
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After registration to myeezy upload instructions, clinical photos, X-rays, digital scans as STL files to portal – or send impressions by post mail. 

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After checking and verification, we send you a treatment set up including a 3D visualization. It includes every step, movement and recommended procedures to achieve the goal are placed. Thanks to the 3D simulation, you can show the expected course and the result to the patient.

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If the treatment plan is suitable, you approve it. If adjustments are needed, send instructions via myeezy and a new treatment set up  plan will be sent to you. Until then, we will fine-tune the plan until you approve it. 

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Immediately after the approval of the treatment  plan, aligners  will be produced for your patient. Within 3-5 days, all sets are ready to be sent by courier to you at the ambulance. 

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It is up to you how you proceed during the treatment. You will either submit a number of aligners to patient and monitor treatment and deliver additional sets of aligners during regular patient check-ups. Or hand over all sets of aligners at once to patient  and monitor the progress of treatment during regular patient visits. Treatment may require IPR or attachments – all of which will be mentioned in the report for you. After the end of the treatment, it will be necessary to put on retainers, which we will be happy to produce for your patients. We are here for you whenever you need.

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